Orbis Golf Academy Management provides measured value for golf clubs, coaches, and customers.

We specialise in working with golf clubs that want to grow and retain their membership, provide a first class golf academy offering and build links in the local community.

Our Philosophy

To deliver the business results of the golf facility by measuring and improving the impact that your PGA Professional team has on the club’s financial results, and the customer’s experience. How our approach impacts the coach, club, and customer:

Golf Club

A clear, measured pipeline of new customers and members through innovative marketing and structured golf programming. Improved retention of members through Active Customer Management


Golf Coaches

Resources that provide increased coaching revenue, through generation of coaching leads, training on conversion into long term programming, retention tools



Receive a great experience, and an improvement in their social and playing status at your golf club. Meaning more visits, increased spend and almost guaranteed retention

“We are delighted with the results. From 2018-2019 we increased membership revenue by 17%, range revenue by 18% and green fee revenue by 6% ”

T Godbert – Director, Worldham Golf Club

What we do


Our solution provides you with peace of mind, as we will contract the PGA Professional team on a service level agreement that will generate the results you are looking for, without worrying about employment law, recruitment costs, legal fees.


Our customer centered programming provides structure and a clear pathway for all levels of golfer. The programming has been built into our software so that it is easy for customers and PGA Professionals to track where they are at on their journey and provides motivation to learn, practice and play more at the facility.


Our team have developed training that has been delivered to thousands of PGA Professionals, General Managers and Executives around the world. Our onboarding process ensures your team are informed of how the improved service will impact all areas of the business, and we will work closely with your management team to implement the improvements successfully.

Coach Development

We are passionate about helping PGA Professionals to improve their coaching and understand their business needs and the golf facility’s needs. PGA Professionals are not necessarily trained in how to deliver on the lead generation, customer activation and retention. We work hard to make sure that your team have the tools needed to execute on the Academy Management plan.


Our marketing team provide quality marketing collateral that will compliment your on-site marketing. Our social media campaigns provide real results which we will report back to you, measuring leads generated, conversions into programming and membership at your facility.


We take of all the administration involved in running a golf academy. Liaising with coaches and customers to ensure all payments, communications and scheduling is taken care of.


We have built out our reporting to include detailed individual coach performance reports, helping them to manage their coaching business efficiently. Our club reports ensure oversight of the impact the team are delivering on the KPIs set out by the club.

Group 15

“Fantastic to partner with Orbis Golf Academies to help grow the game!”

S. Poole – Director, Aquila Golf

How it works

1. Contact us to arrange an initial consultation. This helps us to determine what your needs are and how we can help you.

2. We will work through our proven business model with you so that we can determine how our services will impact your facility’s business.

3. You will receive a detailed needs analysis report and we will provide you with a recommended service. This could range from a basic provision of software services and programming, through to full operational management of your golf academy.